Systematic  Review (SR) is a technique used to search for evidence in scientific literature that is conducted in a formal manner, applying well-defined steps, according to a previously elaborated protocol. As the SR has many steps and activities, its execution is laborious and repetitive. Therefore, the support of a computational tool is essential to improve the quality of its application. Therefore, a tool called StArt (State of the Art through Systematic Review) was developed, which aims to help the researcher, giving support to the application of this technique. The StArt tool has being used by graduate students who have declared its positive support and its advantages in relation to other tools.

Version Updates Compatible with later versions Size (Mb) Download
1.01 - - ~16 -
1.02 - Automatic update of tree's information
- Bug fixed on verification of duplicated papers
- Bugs fixed on Extraction step
Yes ~16 -
1.03 - New option implemented on verification of duplicated papers
- UFSCar's and LaPES's logos added to the main window
Yes ~16
1.04 - Reformulation of the Systematic Review process implemented by StArt
- Reports
- Bugs fixed on the Execution stage
No ~20

- Review settings Yes ~20

- MedLine and PubMed sources Yes ~20

- Cochrane source
- Data visualization
- Systematic Mapping support
- File association (Windows)
Yes ~30

-Cochrane source improvements Yes ~30

- Source improvements Yes ~30

- Code improvements Yes ~30

- Bugs fixed Yes ~30


- Updates

Yes ~30


- Updates and bugs fixed

Yes ~30


- Bugs fixed (paper status interface) Yes ~30



- Bugs fixed (inclusion and exclusion criteria) Yes ~30


- Bugs fixed Yes ~30


-Bugs fixed Yes ~40


-Bugs fixed (save, secondary questions) and improvements (attach pdf at any activity) Yes ~40


-Bugs found in the last release fixed Yes ~40 buttomDownload.png


3.0.3 BETA

- Try out the new version 3.0.3 BETA, which includes the following new features: frequency of keywords/word cloud, the SCAS strategy for semi-automatic initial selection, snowballing backward, collaboration, and StArt Online community. This version has some fixed bugs (like the "save and next" and collaborative ones) and improvements, and is still on testing to become a stable version.

- We would like to highlight that this is a BETA version. If you do not feel comfortable to use a Beta version, please download the previous stable version.

Yes ~40 buttomDownload.png


Linux users: we recommend VirtualBox.


Main reference papers:

Fabbri, S., Octaviano, F., Silva, C., Di Thommazo, A., Hernandes, E., and Belgamo, A. (2016). Improvements in the Start tool to better support the systematic review process. In Proc. of the 20th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE'16), Limerick, Ireland, June 2016.

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Hernandes, E. C. M.; Zamboni, A. B.; Thommazo, A. D.; Fabbri, S. C. P. F. (2010) Avaliação da ferramenta StArt utilizando o modelo TAM e o paradigma GQM. In: X Experimental Software Engineering Latin American Workshop, ICMC-São Carlos.

Zamboni, A. B.; Thommazo, A. D.; Hernandes, E. C. M.; Fabbri, S. C. P. F. (2010) StArt Uma Ferramenta Computacional de Apoio à Revisão Sistemática. In: Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice - Tools session. UFBA.


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